Tools for Our Clients

Billing, Fund Accounts, Contacts

Clients may view their monthly, update their fund account numbers, and add, remove, or update their contact information through the WebDev Job Board.

Work Requests

We are in the process of transitioning our clients to using Atlassian Jira for submitting issues related to active projects. Please submit issues through your project on the ITS Jira instance (

If you have a project that is in production, or one that has not transitioned to using Jira, please use our WebDev Job Board. After signing in, select "Submit Issue" from the "Client" menu. Please be as specific as possible with the issue you're submitting. Include the URL of the page, copies of error messages, and screenshots of the problem you're encountering.

Hit Statisics

Clients can view hit statistics for any of the sites or web applications managed by WebDev. Simply add "/web-stats" to the end of your homepage URL. For example:


If you are having problems viewing a website, you can check to see if the site is hosted or managed by WebDev by adding "/oops" to the end of your homepage URL. For example:

If you see a formatted page, starting with "200 - OOPS :(", the site is hosted by WebDev and can assist you with any issues. Please email or call our offices at 515-294-6654.

If you see a generic 404 Not Found message, the site is not hosted by WebDev. For support, please contact the ITS Solution Center (515-294-4000).